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Intents were added to Discord to help the service not have to push so many events to the bots that were not using them. If you are going to be needing to subscribe to any type of event, they are going to have to be defined BOTH within the Discord Application under the Bot Page on Discords Site and also within the DiscordConfiguration.

Discord Application

On the Discord Application under the Bot Page you will have to specify if your bot requires Privileged Intents. We recommend having these all enabled at first to ensure the most stability when building your first bot, otherwise you may run into issues when retrieving entities from the library's cache.

Bot Page


These privileged intents may not be available for you to toggle on immediately.

Due to their nature of sensitive data, Discord requires you to go through a verification process once your bot is in a certain amount of servers. Please read this blog post for more information and how to apply. Please read this and this blog post for information about the upcoming message intent in April 2022.

Discord Configuration

Within your DiscordConfiguration you will have to specify all the intents you will need. Here is a list of all the Intents DisCatSharp Supports. By default, the configuration will use DiscordIntents.AllUnprivileged as the default value. Like above however, we recommend having all intents enabled at first, so you should specify DiscordIntents.All in your configuration which will include the privileged intents you enabled in your application:

var config = new DiscordConfiguration()
    Intents = DiscordIntents.All

When you become more advanced, you can try experimenting with turning off intents you do not need in order to save resources. In your DiscordConfiguration you can specify one or many.

Here is an example of just specifying one:

var config = new DiscordConfiguration()
    Intents = DiscordIntents.GuildBans

Here is an example of specifying many:

var config = new DiscordConfiguration()
    Intents = DiscordIntents.DirectMessageReactions
    | DiscordIntents.DirectMessages
    | DiscordIntents.GuildBans
    | DiscordIntents.GuildEmojis
    | DiscordIntents.GuildInvites
    | DiscordIntents.GuildMembers
    | DiscordIntents.GuildMessages
    | DiscordIntents.Guilds
    | DiscordIntents.GuildVoiceStates
    | DiscordIntents.GuildWebhooks,

Please Note, if you specify a privileged intent within your DiscordConfiguration that you have not signed up for on the Discord Application page, an error will be thrown on the connection.