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What is DisCatSharp

DisCatSharp (DCS) is an .NET wrapper for the Discord API, originally based off DSharpPlus.
The library has been rewritten to fit quality and API standards. Furthermore this lib includes many new features of Discord and is pretty fast with keeping up with Discords API.

Why DisCatSharp?

If you:

  • want a library where you get kind and efficient help
  • would like to have and use the most recent features of the Discord API
  • are ready to build great things

Then this is the right place for you!

Getting Started

New users probably want to take a look into the articles for quick start guides, tutorials, and examples of use.
Once you've gotten through the articles, head over to the API Documentation for all classes and methods provided by this library.

Source and Contributors

DisCatSharp is licensed under MIT License, as detailed in the license found in the repository.
The repository containing the source code for this library can be found here. Contributions are welcomed.


Hacktober Participants

The following users participated in Hacktoberfest 2022 and contributed to DisCatSharp:


Big thanks goes to the following people who helped us without being part of the core team ♥️

Special Thanks

The special thanks goes to Nagisa. Make sure to check out her Instagram ♥️♥️