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API Reference

Welcome to the DisCatSharp.LavalinkV4 API reference.

To begin, select a namespace, then a class, from the table of contents on the left.

If you encounter any problems or see typos, please inform us on our Discord server.


This package delivers experimental features that are not meant for end-users.

We might change them at any time without prior notice.

Please install the DisCatSharp.Analyzer.Roslyn package to properly use these features.

This page was last modified at 07/05/2023 04:51:04 (UTC).

Author:    Lala Sabathil <[email protected]>
Commit:    651dfef64ee8506d6ed829662d1b85abe5385999
feat: sentry & various features / fixes (#287)

* feat: lib dev rework

* feat: use discordjson deser to find new fields

* feat!: Rename ApiObject to ObservableApiObject

* fix: grant extension access to internals

* chore: net7 cleanup

* feat: sentry release

* feat: guild_id for integration

* fix: ignore guild_hashes and hashes on channel

* feat: allow devs to give their contact data for se...