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API Reference

Welcome to the DisCatSharp Global API reference.

Main packages

Voice packages

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Experimental packages

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This page was last modified at 07/05/2023 04:51:04 (UTC).

Author:    Lala Sabathil <[email protected]>
Commit:    651dfef64ee8506d6ed829662d1b85abe5385999
feat: sentry & various features / fixes (#287)

* feat: lib dev rework

* feat: use discordjson deser to find new fields

* feat!: Rename ApiObject to ObservableApiObject

* fix: grant extension access to internals

* chore: net7 cleanup

* feat: sentry release

* feat: guild_id for integration

* fix: ignore guild_hashes and hashes on channel

* feat: allow devs to give their contact data for se...